FedEx: Your Best Choice

When you order from PinkyParadise, you can select either FedEx Shipping Express, International Registered Mail or DHL Global Mail. Both services will get you your merchandise, but our customers do find that there are some great advantages to choosing FedEx.

Premium Quality

The good news is that FedEx failures are very rare. Customers quickly receive their tracking number, can track their packages at any time. The website is very user-friendly and it just takes seconds to find out where your package is. The online tools are intuitive and easy to use. You can also get live support any time you need it and chat with a representative.

Insurance Coverage

When customers opt for FedEx shipping, PinkyParadise will ensure that the all parcels are accurately sent to each customer's shipping address. In the case that any packages are lost or missing, PinkyParadise will be happy to resend them.

FedEx has built its reputation and fortune on providing a consistent service everywhere. The truth is FedEx is kind of amazing and does a pretty incredible job delivering packages across the globe.

Fast Shipping

When shipping to most countries, FedEx Economy Express shipping will take approximately 5-7 days to reach you. You can also opt for FedEx Priority Express, which takes 1-4 days. International Registered Mail is much slower and you can expect it to take 14-25 business days. For more information, please consult Shipping Method.

Free Delivery Over $130

Within the United States and Canada, the prices are as follows: International Register Mail $10.40 (for first item), FedEX Economy $14.90, and FedEX Priority $19.90 within the United States and Canada. To see rates in other countries visit our Shipping Page. PinkyParadise will also provide free FedEx Economy shipping to all customers in select countries who spend at least $130.

Other Shipping Options

Of course, registered mail is also available and provides an affordable option that can suit many people's needs. Yet, when you compare the tracking, accuracy, efficiency and service guarantees, many customers feel strongly that FedEx is worth the extra expense. Please note: PinkyParadise customers can also opt for DHL Global Mail service.

Our goal at PinkyParadise is to provide a variety of shipping methods to satisfy the varied needs of different individuals. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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