What is astigmatism? and how PP toric lenses help you?

From natural, vibrant to cosplay eye effect now available in toric for astigmatism eyes!

What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a common eye condition diagnosed basically as the structure within the eye. It’s not perfectly round they are a little a bit oval and because of that it causes the light to bend and reflect the unevenness in the eye and your vision will be blurry and distorted.

According to a recent PinkyParadise survey, 70% of our audience are unaware of what toric lenses are or that they are known as contacts for astigmatism. Some may not be aware that they even have astigmatism. This shows that a lot of people still have not heard of toric coloured contacts and astigmatism.

Do you have astigmatism? symptoms of astigmatism include

1) Difficulties in low light/blurred vision especially when driving at night. 
2)Seeing unclear and blurred objects. 
3)The small letter seems to be deformed.
4)Headaches and increased fatigue while reading for long periods.

Best toric lenses for your astigmatism!

Astigmatism is not a disease it’s just a condition that you can correct with glasses, eye surgery and contact lenses. One of the fantastic solutions is toric lenses.PP soft toric lenses are designed exclusively to correct astigmatism issues, different curvatures of the cornea or lens in your eye surface give you a wider and better field of view and clear vision.

We know most of our audience wondering how to wear these toric contacts lenses or is there any special way to insert your toric lenses and the answer is no, toric lenses are custom made with features to help the lenses stay in place, so no matter how you put the lenses into your eyes they will stay put and fit well into your eyes in the correct curvature so you do not need to worry about it!

Do you ever spend ages searching for perfect and variety of toric colored contacts at the same time correct your astigmatism? We’ve heard you! At PinkyParadise we got you covered with many options from designs, colors and styles to choose from! From the natural everyday look, cosplay to bold, having some colours on the eyes can be freeing and a big confidence booster in your life! 


Cosplay Lenses for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Characters

Best Cosplay Colored Contacts for Demon Slayer Characters

best demon slayer cosplay colored contact lenses

The Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba first premiered in 2019, and earned worldwide acclaim. With the blockbuster supernatural shonen anime series continuing to take the anime world by storm, the upcoming second season is going to be one of the most highly-anticipated animes in recent memory, and anime fans all over the world are eager to find out what Season 2 of Demon Slayer is all about. Most of the original cast and crew from the first season of Demon Slayer is returning for Season 2. This includes the series’ demon slayer protagonists: Tanjiro, Nezuko and Zenitsu. If you are thinking where to buy Demon Slayer Cosplay Contacts, then this article is here to help.

Danganronpa Inspired Colored Contacts

Danganronpa Inspired Colored Contacts

Danganronpa gathers a huge legion of fans from all around the world. Now tell us you’re one of them too! If you are planning to cosplay one of the characters, let’s bring your cosplay look to the next level with our colored contacts! These are our picks for Danganronpa’s most popular characters.


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Halloween will be around the corner before you know it! That being said, this means it’s time to plan out who are you going to be for the night. If you don’t have anything interesting to wear in your wardrobe, Halloween makeup is always there to save the day! But of course, bonus point if you match it with a costume. With a little stash of makeup products you already have, you can definitely transform yourself into anything sultry and scary that will give people around you goosebumps! Whether you’re a beginner or procrastinator, you can always follow these tips. However, it is advisable for a newbie to take time and practice your makeup before the Halloween.


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