Joker Inspired Colored Contacts

Why So Serious?

Smile, as we have the perfect Joker inspired colored contacts just for you! Whether you want to become the famous criminal mastermind for this year’s Halloween look or you’ve been looking for those perfect green, violet, red or white lenses that will bring you the joy you’ve been searching for.
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The mastermind villain, Joker from the DC comics is one of Batman's greatest enemies and has been portrayed over the years by many talented actors, such as Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Jared Leto. The recent 2019 Joker, played by Joaquin Phoenix, has now become the number 1 movie showing worldwide after it's release with even having Oscar buzz!

Source: Digital Spy

Now with Halloween coming up, the Joker will be a character that has everyone buzzing! Below are our top 6 perfect colored contacts for your Joker costume or cosplay! Do also check out our other DC characters, such as Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman or even Batman.

Our Top 6 Joker Inspired Circle Lenses

green colored contacts for joker
Be bold with intense pigmented color and vibrancy! The EOS Dolly Eye Green lenses will truly make you stand out from the crowd and be noticed. Perfect to embody any character you want to portray, especially when it is the Joker himself with his natural yet crazy eyes! No one will be looking out for Batman after seeing you in these. 

green colored contacts for joker cosplay
Bring out your wilder side with the Princess Pinky Gemini Night Green colored contacts. Our Gemini Series is known to bring out the darkness that you’ve hidden away and what better way to unleash it than on Halloween! You won’t be hiding in the shadows on All Hallows Eve that’s for sure!

purple colored contacts inspired be joker
The Joker’s signature violet jacket represents his creativity and eccentric ways! The GEO Xtra WBS 201 Bella Violet colored contacts are the lenses to showcase your quirky side! You will be commanding the room with these on with people in awe of your look of the night.

purple circle lenses inspired be joker
Show off your eyes in flair with these Super Violet colored contacts. With brilliant super-sized blossoming color that also greatly enlarges your iris that will grab the attention of everyone at the Halloween party! These are definitely an unconventional pair of lenses but that’s the look only for the daring.

crazy red colored contacts for joker
If you ever needed an A-list colored contact just like the Joker wants to be treated like, then the Princess Pinky Twilight Reborn Red is the pick for you! This lens appears on your eyes like you are glowing from within after coming up with a mastermind plan! Put on your happy face and become an instant-spotlight!

crazy white colored contacts for joker
The Joker can look completely crazy at times, even in the comics and what better way to bring out that crazy than with the Princess Pinky Cosplay Corunus circle lenses! A scary white out with a black rim will look insane but no one will be asking if you’ve ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight with them on.

It's looking a little crazy out there this Halloween so add these wild circle lenses to complete your look!
 Whatever makes you happy.


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