What's New - EOS Big Flower Series

EOS Big Flower Series

EOS Big Flower Series is designed with a flowery pattern that perfectly covers your natural eye color while giving a whole New Dimension Enlarging effect.They are 14.8mm in diameter and have a base curve of 8.8mm. These circle lenses will help your dull eyes look fresh and give you dolly eye effect. Let's say goodbye to small eyes!

Lens Info

Featuring in diameter 14.8mm and an opaque "petal" pattern covers your underlying eye color.

Brand / EOS
Diameter / 14.8mm
Base Curve / 8.8mm
Water Content / 38%
Lens Type / 1 year disposal
Prescription / Plano ~ 10.00

EOS Big Flower Blue

EOS Big Flower Brown

EOS Big Flower Green

EOS Big Flower Pink

EOS Big Flower Violet

EOS Big Flower Grey


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