Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses - Better Than Regular Contacts?

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Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are an advanced type of soft contact lenses that allow more oxygen to reach the eye than conventional soft lens materials.  These are made of a flexible plastic material, which becomes hard when dry, but actively absorb water and become soft and gel-like when hydrated with solution.

So why should you consider buying them? We walk how they make a difference and all you need to know.

1. Healthier lens-wearing experience

Silicone has very high oxygen permeability, allowing five times more oxygen to permeate through the contact lens and reach the cornea. This makes silicone hydrogel contact lens ideal for a longer wearing time, keeping your eyes healthy and fresh, without drying out.

2. Improved comfort and hydration
Hydrogels works to attract and bind moisture to the surface of the lens to maintain optimal wettability, so your eyes can stay comfortably moist for longer periods of wear.  This also makes silicone hydrogel contact lens highly advantageous for those who are prone to dry eyes.

3. Improve eye health
Silicone hydrogel contacts are a healthier solution to work with easily irritated eyes. The irritation can occur for a number of reasons, including dust, dirt, protein deposits, dryness or lack of oxygen to the eye surface.  Hydrogels help contact lenses resist protein and dirt buildup and draw oxygen through to the eye which minimize problems like redness, dryness blurred vision, swollen corneas and eye infections.

4. Easier to handle 
These lenses are soft and comfortable, yet very easy to manipulate. The increased rigidity of the material makes it less likely to tear and easier to insert and handle. This is especially helpful for beginners, or those with an active or busy lifestyle.

At PinkyParadise, we offer a variety of contact lenses, which feature a silicone hydrogel construction. Here are a few options:

the most vibrant silicone hydrogel colored contact lenses

This vibrant series of colored contacts comes in a range of five different shades and offer both an impressive change in style and complete eye color change. This series is a perfect choice for cosplayers or makeup lovers who love switching up looks without compromising on comfort. 

Available in three shades that naturally enhance the natural color of your eye. Beyond its health benefits of silicone hydrogel, the moonstone series is designed to give wearers a greater depth and definition for the eyes with a subtle amount of enlargement.

clariti 1 day daily contact lenses featuring silicone hydrogel ,

An amazing daily silicone hydrogel contact lens for those who require a daily disposable wear lens. In addition to the excellent breathability of silicone hydrogel, the lenses also feature WetLoc technology that attracts and binds water molecules to the lens surface, helping eyes remain hydrated throughout the day.
Geo eyeniq enhances the natural beauty of your eyes  

This is the daily colored contacts that will not compromise on comfort or style. Available in 3 colors, the lenses offer a subtle and natural looking enhancement of darker eyes. The material retains its water content from the very first use, keeping eyes feeling good all day long.

However, everyone's eyes are different and the best way to determine if silicone hydrogel contacts are the right choice for you is to consult your options and your requirements with your optician.


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