Eyes Like A Disney Princess

Disney Princesses have become a huge part of pop culture and with the latest release of Aladdin, the beautiful Princess Jasmine with all the other Princesses are at the forefront of our conversations! 

Colored contacts can create a whole new world for you and help you to live out your Princess fantasy! Everyone can be their favorite Princess! Which one is yours?

princess jasmine colored contacts for cosplay
Jasmine is feisty yet compassionate and confident. Wanting to lead her life the way she wants too instead of tradition and culture telling her the rules in Agrabah. 

She fights for finding true love and what is not only best for her but also for her people. Get her daring yet alluring eyes with the Princess Mimi Almond Brown lenses. 
ariel colored contacts for cosplay
Charismatic, rebellious and free-spirited Ariel! Her adventurous spirit takes her to completely new beginnings out of the sea and she never backs down for what she wants and for her love. Brave and never gives up! Characteristics we all love and hope to have. 

Now you can be just as sassy as Ariel with the G&G GBT Sky lenses.
belle colored contacts for cosplay

Ah Belle, the most beautiful yet peculiar one in the town. Even though she knows she's called odd, it doesn't make her conform to what society wants her to be. Being very confident, compassionate and selfless leads her to find great adventures and a Prince within the beast. 

Be as curious and confident as Belle with the Geo Bella Brown lenses.
cinderella colored contacts for cosplay
Cinderella is dreamy, intelligent and hard-working! She never gives up, even after being mistreated by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. She may have had help by her Fairy Godmother but her determination to go to the ball and be strong-willed to change her life inspires us all!

Get her dreamy blue eyes with the G&G GBT Blue lenses. 
rapunzel colored contacts for cosplay
Rapunzel is energetic and a kid at heart! Playful and creative yet imagines the world beyond her walls and her curiosity and bravery leads her to finding her real family and love. 

Be as defiant as Rapunzel with the G&G Shinny Green lenses.
snow white colored contacts for cosplay
Gentle and affectionate Snow White yet due to envy by her stepmother, the evil Queen, she runs away and becomes a mother figure to the 7 dwarfs who came to her aid. Being the first Princess for Disney may be a lot of pressure but all you need is a smile and a song and an optimistic attitude to get you through it! 

Wear the Super Hazel lenses to embody that positivity!

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