Be Your Own Pretty Guardian!

In the name of the moon, grab the perfect contacts for your favorite Guardian! Whether it is creating the ultimate Sailor Moon cosplay or one of her guardians to fight evil with the moonlight, we have the lenses you need! 

-Sailor Moon -

The leader of the Sailor Guardians, she does whatever she can to protect those she loves and fights for justice! 

Super Blue
Princess Pinky Cloudy Blue
-Sailor Mercury -
Known as the Guardian of Water and Wisdom, her passion for learning helps her to protect everyone around her. 

EOS Fairy Blue

-Sailor Mars -
Being able to be very focused and able to dispel evil and possess powers with fire makes her the Guardian of Fire and Passion.

G&G GBT Violet
EOS Dolly Eye Violet

-Sailor Jupiter-
Independent and with great inner strength makes her the Guardian of Thunder and Courage.

Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green
Princess Pinky Gemini Night Green

-Sailor Venus-
She became the Guardian of Love and Beauty after guiding and leading the other inner guardians.

Princess Pinky Galaxy Blue
GEO Xtra WBS 202 Bella Blue

-Sailor Chibi Moon -

This cute trainee has the power to emit extreme energy from the crescent moon symbol that appears on her forehead.
Super Bright Red
Venus Eye Bright Red

-Sailor Saturn-

Sweet yet quiet, her inexplicable power is to heal others and is the Guardian of Silence, Destruction, and Rebirth
Princss Pinky Galaxy Violet
Super Violet
-Luna -

Not one of the Guardians but certainly an important character that is also known as the cutest! We thought we would add in Luna the cat in case anyone had their eyes set on being this black cat.

Pretty Crystal Red
EOS New Adult Red

Moon, Prism, Power, Make Up!


  1. The leader of the Sailor Guardians, she does whatever she can to protect those she loves and fights for justice!
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