Easy Tips To Look Scary This Halloween!

Halloween will be around the corner before you know it! That being said, this means it’s time to plan out who are you going to be for the night. If you don’t have anything interesting to wear in your wardrobe, Halloween makeup is always there to save the day! But of course, bonus point if you match it with a costume. With a little stash of makeup products you already have, you can definitely transform yourself into anything sultry and scary that will give people around you goosebumps! Whether you’re a beginner or procrastinator, you can always follow these tips. However, it is advisable for a newbie to take time and practice your makeup before the Halloween.


·         Find inspirations

When browsing for Halloween makeup ideas, there are tons of makeup looks created by professional makeup artists. As for beginners, pick a Halloween makeup look that is simple to recreate and follow the tutorial step-by-step. Still uncertain on what look you should go for Halloween? Fret not! Go with something you have in your makeup bags. For instance, you can use red liquid lipstick as fake blood and you can always paint your face with an eyeliner and eyeshadows! Mistakes and coarsely you do in your makeup will add to more gruesomeness. There’s no rules when it comes to makeup. It’s all about what makes you feel some kind of way!


·         Colored contact lens

Thinking of adding more striking appearance into your look? Colored contact lens are the way to go! Nothing can make you look eerie like either white out contact lenses or lenses that make your entire eyes look like they are bloodshot. Wearing colored contacts is like trying a new wig and matching it with your costume, not only it can enhance your skin complexion but it also can immediately change your whole look!

·         Pick your Halloween costume

You know what’s spookier than Halloween? Trying to find the scariest costume that matches your look. Finding a realistic costume for Halloween cost a lot sometimes. But Halloween is a great time for everyone to embrace the impossible, which means you can either DIY your costumes or just mix and match whatever you have in your wardrobe! Once done, you can be out haunting your town in no time!

All in all, you can never look sultry and scary if you act like a normal person. Whether you want to be perceived as scary, funny, powerful and evil. Halloween provides the perfect excuse to do. So, get into the role you chose to be and play the part! If you’re a witch. Act the part! Wear a witch hat, hold your broomstick, and focus on your victims as if you’re about to drink them a potion.


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