Danganronpa Inspired Colored Contacts

Danganronpa Inspired Colored Contacts

Danganronpa gathers a huge legion of fans from all around the world. Now tell us you’re one of them too! If you are planning to cosplay one of the characters, let’s bring your cosplay look to the next level with our colored contacts! These are our picks for Danganronpa’s most popular characters.

Kokichi Ouma Cosplay Contacts

Kokichi Ouma has the coolest purple eyes! To get you this eye colour, our Super Violet would be one of our hot picks to imitate Kokichi’s eye color. With brilliant super sized blooming color greatly enlarging your iris, you will be shook on how these lenses can transform your cosplay look!

Junko Enoshima Cosplay Contacts

Junko's eyes are more round and larger and are blue in color. If you are looking for the perfect Junko Enoshima eye contacts, we have the perfect selection to make sure you nail the cosplay. Uris Arctic Blue is a unique hand-painted design that takes every eye look and cosplay to the next level! They are very natural but so vibrant that they are even suitable for both light and dark eyes!

Celestia Ludenberg Cosplay Contacts

Celestia Ludenberg, or also known as Celeste, has very pale skin and deep red eyes. Our Princess Pinky Cosplay Red Screen is one of our red colored contacts that suits to cosplay this character! However, mesh design covers both pupil and iris. Although you can see through the design, it is not advisable to use them while driving.

Mikan Tsumiki Cosplay Contacts

Our Princess Pinky Cyberdoll Violet is applicable to both light and dark eyes. The purple colour is so vibrant that they will cover your natural eye color. They are also suitable for you to cosplay Kyouko Kirigiri!

Hiyoko Saionji Cosplay Contacts

Hiyoko Saionji is such a very cute character! She has large, round and pale orange eye color. If you are looking for contacts to imitate her eye color, Princess Pinky Luna Earth Brown would be the perfect choice! These lenses are design in ombre two-tone in the shape of crescent moon with glittering gold details, which will give you such a kawaii effect!

Ibuki Mioda Cosplay Contacts

Our Princess Pinky Cyberdoll Pink will give you the sweetest look like Ibuki Mioda! Fret not, the vibrancy of these lenses are suitable enough to cover dark eyes. This lens has a rosy pink base and further enhanced with a touch of bright bubblegum pink in the middle part that will make any look extra cute yet fierce!


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