EOS Ice Series - Get a Pretty Sparkly Look!

EOS Ice Series

Like a sparkling gemstone, EOS Ice Series showed up like a pretty crystal on your eyes! This fashionable circle lens series could enhance your eyes further with its large diameter (14.8mm) that comes with a thin black rim, a unique base curve of 8.8mm and its pretty shade of colors. Available in 6 refreshing and cool colors, this series could be one of your favorite collections!

Lens Info

It's called "Ice" as it has little murky effect crystal effect. Offering in diameter 14.8mm to give a big eye brigthening effect.

Brand / EOS
Diameter / 14.8mm
Base Curve / 8.8mm
Water Content / 38%
Lens Type / 1 year disposal
Prescription / Plano ~ 10.00


EOS Ice Blue

EOS Ice Brown

EOS Ice Grey

EOS Ice Pink

EOS Ice Green

EOS Ice Violet


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