It's Pink Valentines!

Pink Lovers Celebrate!

Our favorite, romantic season is coming up soon, Valentine's Day! And we just LOVE our dreamy, pink colored contacts! After all, we are Pinky Paradise! Which ones will you choose?
The lenses that combines great color and natural enlargement. The perfect pair to create a girly cute look!
PP Reward: You'll earn 22 points
Absolutely stunning and so pigmented are terms to describe these beauties! Not to mention comfortable to wear too.
PP Reward: You'll earn 25 points
Cover your eyes with a sprinkle of magic fairy dust with these sweet tone contacts. Charming and oh-so cute!
PP Reward: You'll earn 22 points
Perfect for newbies! Pink can be daunting but these soft pink lenses will create a mild transformation that you'll adore!
PP Reward: You'll earn 28 points
Sweet dolly eyed lenses that come in a super cute cotton floss pink! Hands down you'd be the cutest being in the room!
PP Reward: You'll earn 22 points
Cool and feminine all at once, these lenses produce a soft charming look, much like enticing premium pink ice cream! Adorable!
PP Reward: You'll earn 22 points
Whether you need pink lenses for your cosplay looks or just want to have your Pink Valentine's Day, we've got your eyes covered!

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