Be TikTok Ready!

One of the things keeping us entertained during quarantine has been hours spent on TikTok. The lip syncs, the dances, and the creativity, TikTok is the place to be! And we have the best circle lenses and colored contacts for all your fun TikTok videos! 

1. Cosplay Lip Syncs

Even though cons are postponed, you can still showcase your fantastic cosplays on TikTok. With the endless amount of lip sync sounds available, you can embody pretty much anyone you want! We have an endless list of different cosplay characters for you to choose from!

circle lenses for cosplay tiktok videos

2. Don't Rush Challenge

We're sure you've seen this all over your FYP and if you and your squad want to add a little spark to this challenge, how about adding some vibrant contacts to your looks!

lenses for don't rush challenge

3. The 'Savage' Dance

If you're on TikTok, we KNOW you've done this dance! And now there's a new dance alert for this same song cause Queen Bey herself is featured in the new remix. Which means, #SavageChallenge2!!

Savage Dance Challenge on TikTok

4. Make Up Hacks

The amount of hacks we never knew is what keeps us hooked on TikTok! If you have a cool hack to show, why not pair your look with colorful contacts! Treat people to something cool to learn and also show off your new lenses!

colored contacts for make up hacks on tiktok


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