Colors of the Rainbow

Colors of the Rainbow
Own every color for every style!
We love having a rainbow moment to brighten our day! If you have been looking for different colors to suit your OOTD and style of the day, here are the best series to choose from. Whether you're looking for a more anime effect for your eyes to really stand out or a natural appearance for the perfect selfie look, we have the series for you! 

princess pinky cloudy series

Just like the clouds, it has a soft exuberance. Pigmented that it will transform your eye color yet subtle enough so that it never exaggerates.
Available in 8 colors.

cosplay lenses from pinkyparadise

Super creates these hot little contacts that come in an eye popping range of high density colors guaranteed to grab attention right away!
Available in 7 colors.

colorful colored contacts
For those looking for a major color change! Colors are translucent and give a color overlay to the iris whilst creating a vibrant look!
Available in 7 colors.

best anime eyes for cosplays
The ultimate anime lenses that will give any cosplayer bright colored eyes! Live out your ultimate fantasy with these eye-popping beaties.
Available in 9 colors.

colorful lenses in prescription
Color your eyes like the natural neon that shine in the sky. Inspired by the stunning nature light phenomenon, your eyes appear like it's the center of the galaxy!
Available in 7 colors.

colorful colored contacts for dark eyes
These extremely opaque colors will turn any eye to the color of your choice and has a great balance between natural looking yet creating a bold statement.
Available in 7 colors.

cosplay lenses in different colors
The easiest way to add a twinkle to your eye and amp up your eye makeup game instantly! Whether you’re looking for lenses that give a glam or cosplay look, these will not disappoint.
Available in 9 colors.


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