Black Friday & Cyber Monday at PinkyParadise

black friday & cyber monday at PinkyPardise

Save BIG This Holiday Season With Huge Discount

PinkyParadise's Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale is now online! We offer 50% off on select items. They are no coupon code and no minimum purchase necessary. Enjoy your day-after-Thanksgiving shopping with us!

Valid November 29 2013 through December 5 2013

*Available in selected circle lenses only. For more details, please click here.


  1. Stunning Jodi! Love how simple and delicious this looks. Totally on the same page as you with restocking before it is necessary.

    We R Knights

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  5. really great green lenses! I have monolids so it looks different on my eyes, but it still shows up well and looks big. The green looked lighter in the bottle but appears darker in the pic and I have nearly black eyes. It might appear lighter with lighter eyes. My only problem is the shipping time took really long, also I could feel them in my eyes but that’s just my experience !

  6. So Fast and Friendly.. They did not have the pair wanted. They contacted me very fast, Ask me to choose another one. They sent me the replacement and it came just in time for my trip and it looks wonderful.